GFCI Breaker Wiring

The GFCI breaker looks unusual because of those white curly pigtail attached at there bottom.

People think where the heck does THAT go?

So,Here i have listed below all the steps of GFCI breaker wiring for your convenience,follow them step by step and accomplish your task of GFCI breaker wiring  very easily.

1. First of all turn off the main breaker in the service panel and remove the panel cover. Check the circuits with your voltage tester to make sure that they are not hot. Pull out the old breaker and disconnect the wires.

2. Now second step is to verify that the GFCI breaker matches the circuit wiring. Use a 15-amp breaker with 14-gauge wire and a 20-amp breaker with 12-gauge wire.

3. Attach the curly white wire from the breaker to the neutral bus. The neutral bus is the strip with the screws located on the outside edge of the service panel.

4. Connect the white circuit wire to the neutral breaker terminal and the black circuit wire to the hot breaker terminal. No more than 1/4 inch of exposed wire should show outside the breaker.

5. Follow the breaker manufacturer’s directions for inserting the breaker into the panel. The wiring end of the breaker is usually inserted first and the other end is then pushed down until fully seated on the center tab.

6. Turn the power back on and press the “Test” button on the breaker. Reset the GFCI by pushing the switch fully off and then on.


NOTE : If the hot and neutral wires are reversed, the circuit may still test normally, but you may not have ground-fault protection. Verify that the wires are properly connected by testing an outlet on the circuit for correct polarity. A GFCI should not be used with lights, freezers, refrigerators or medical equipment. A GFCI cannot be used with appliances which are individually grounded, such as ovens or dryers.


Here is a video of GFCI Breaker Installation :



Why you need GFCI circuit breakers,Want to know??…Then watch this video :



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